We Need Your Input!

As a new unit we want to make sure we get your input about when the best time is for you to meet as a group. While it may be impossible to find a time that works for absolutely everyone every month, we’d like to find out what days and times work for most of you. Please fill out this survey so we can schedule our upcoming meetings!

Did you get our first-ever official Washington County unit newsletter? It was sent May 29th so paid members make sure to check your inboxes if you missed it! If you need to renew or become a member, you can do so here. Students are free!

Thank you to member Esther Schwartz for writing up this quick summary of our last meeting on June 4th!

• We discussed ways to collaborate with other Leagues to share materials, resources and education
• There is LWV workshop training in the works on how to do a formal League study
• On Legislative Process Day Nov. 16, there will be a special League training at the Salem State Library on how to work effectively with the Legislature
• Current initiative petitions to watch: IP43; IP44; IP25
• Discussed do’s and don’ts of signature gathering
• No meeting in July!

Don’t forget to RSVP to our League BBQ in Gaston June 30th and to sign up for volunteer opportunities. Everyone is welcome to come to the BBQ. Feel free to bring your family and dogs!

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