The next three meetings will be June 10, August 12, and September 9, 2019, 1:30-2:30 pm, Beaverton Community Center, Vose room. There is no July meeting (but we are planning a potluck – details coming soon). Meetings will continue on the second Monday of the month at this time and location.

Don’t forget to drop off your ballot by May 21, 2019! Find drop-off sites in Washington County. If you mail your ballot, please remember to put a stamp on it and allow enough time for it to make it to the elections office by May 21st. Learn more about local candidates on Vote411.org, the LWV run non-partisan site. Thank you to our volunteers who helped set up the site for Washington County!

May 17-19, 2019, Ashland, OR. LWVOR State Convention.

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