We the people – not politicians –
should draw voting maps

The League of Women Voters of Oregon believes in putting our best democracy foot forward. We know that we deserve the best possible government, and that we should invest the energy to achieve it.
The League has joined the People Not Politicians campaign, a diverse coalition made up of all party affiliations, income levels, backgrounds, identities, and from all corners of Oregon, to rally for equal, fair, and transparent representation at the state and congressional level.

People Not Politicians is proposing a ballot measure, IP 57, to reform that process and create a fairer, more transparent system. At its simplest, this initiative would create an independent citizen redistricting commission comprised of Oregonians. The coalition needs to collect 150,000 signatures by July 2nd to get redistricting reform on the ballot in November.

The time is now for redistricting reform!


Ready for fair redistricting in Oregon?

How You Can Help

There are 4 ways you can help ensure that a fair and transparent process is put on the ballot in November:

1 Sign the petition

To read the full text of the measure and print, sign, and mail your E-petition go to the People not Politicians website.
Don’t have a printer and want to sign? Email sign@peoplenotpoliticiansoregon.com to request a petition be mailed directly to you.


2 Help others sign

Share the People Not Politicians website with your personal networks and ask them to sign the petition. If you would like a 5 or 10 line signature sheet to get others in your personal network email redistricting@lwvor.org.


3 Join our grassroots volunteer team

There are many ways to help us cross the finish line.  Sign up to join the League’s volunteer team working on this effort. Contact redistricting@lwvor.org.


More redistricting resources:

League Educational Presentation April 2020 (PDF)

Additional educational redistricting resources:
United States Census Bureau. “Why We Conduct the Decennial Census.” Decennial Census of Population and Housing, Accessed 3 Oct. 2018.
LWVUS Redistricting Action Toolkit
What is Gerrymandering?, VOX.com
League of Women Voters of Oregon Education Fund. Redistricting in Oregon, 2007
“Lines That Don’t Divide.” City Club of Portland (PDF Download)
Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. “Redistricting Reform Task Force.
FairVote, “Redistricting
Brennan Center for Justice


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